Saturday, August 27, 2011


Tuesday morning at work I was working away in my cube when suddenly the floor moved from underneath me.  I stood up from my chair and the walls started moving!  I looked at my boss and said "what do we do?" and he said "get under your desk!" so I did.  Then he said "no, let's go outside" so I grabbed my purse and we ran down the stairwell outside.  It was an earthquake!  I couldn't believe it.  It was over so fast, it was so bizarre.  I tried to call Brian but the phone lines were jammed with everyone on the entire East Coast trying to call their loved ones.  I texted him instead and he soon replied saying that he was at home and had ran downstairs as well.  We were both excited, nervous, scared and wanted to talk to each other!  I heard chatter through the crowds of office people outside my building that the earthquake had been a 5.8 (later a 5.9) and had originated about 85 miles south of us in Mineral, VA.

I checked Twitter on my phone and saw that Marcus had also felt the earthquake, in New York City!  I couldn't believe it - I replied to his tweet immediately.  Anxious, I went back into the office building after someone had given the all-clear (whatever that  means).  I really wanted to go home to be with Brian, but also feared aftershocks and being on the road during one.  I struggled for the rest of the day with trying to figure out the safest place for me to be until 5pm rolled around and it was time to go home.

No damage was done to our apartment building* or my office building and truth be told, it WAS exciting!

*except Frybot...he fell over.