Thursday, September 22, 2011

Honeymooners in Moab

Tomorrow Brian and I leave for our OFFICIAL HONEYMOON and we're going to Moab, Utah to hike and bike the beautiful rocks during the day and stare at the starry skies at night.

So of COURSE, I'd have to come down with bronchitis about a week before we leave, right?  I mean really.....why not?  So I've been coughing, stuffed up, runny nose and sneezing for six days.  I am well on the way to finishing off my second bottle of mucinex before I board the flight tomorrow morning.

But putting this unfortunate timing to the side, I'm so very excited for this trip in so many ways.  My husband is definitely my favorite person on the planet, riding a bike is definitely the most fun I've had while being outside, the forecast has plenty of sun and no clouds in sight, which is (duh) the best kind of weather for all of these things.

It's gonna be super-magical (even if I'm all sippin on some sizzurp all week)


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